The apartment building is home to many households, thereby creating a crowded and complex environment. Therefore, security at the apartment building is always one of the top concerns of residents, management and investors. Understanding those challenges, Phuong Viet provides security solutions for buildings and apartments with high security mechanisms to accurately analyze the situation, warn when risks arise, thereby helping units have appropriate treatment plan.

I. Problems encountered

1. The number of vehicles is large, often difficult to monitor and track.
2. Robbery and outsiders mix in, causing loss of security and order.
3. The common property or the public area is easy to be stolen, misused or destroyed.
4. The guard cannot be on guard 24/24.

II. General introduction of security solutions for apartments

Surveillance security system
Access control system
Network infrastructure & Wi-fi

1. Security surveillance system for buildings, apartments

Hikvision’s modern security surveillance technology helps keep up with current and ongoing activities in the apartment complex and alarm when there is an incident. So, you absolutely can monitor, manage almost any area, detect problems early to have timely solutions and minimize problems with assets. This is considered as the most effective security solution for the building at present.

2. Access control system

Security guards are not always able to patrol / control 24/24 all areas of the apartment complex, so the central controller will provide maximum assistance in this case. Building management can completely update information through the central control system. This helps prevent unauthorized people from entering restricted areas of the building or areas sensitive to the security level of the apartment building.

The apartment building access control system is also the most important system in the chain of security solutions for apartments.

3. Network infrastructure and wi-fi

One final system in the chain of security solutions for apartments that Phuong Viet wants to bring to customers is network infrastructure and wifi. The quality of wifi transmission is a matter of concern in crowded places like apartments. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive, stable, high-bandwidth wifi system solution to ensure optimal use for the apartment, contributing to improving the quality of life of residents here.

Hopefully, with 3 systems in the chain of security solutions for buildings and apartments that Phuong Viet has brought, Phuong Viet will help all customers to solve difficulties and problems in the process of operating activities. to protect the security of your apartment building.

To ensure a peaceful and sustainable life for residents, a comprehensive apartment building security solution is an essential requirement for every apartment from low-end to high-end in today’s era. Phuong Viet commits to always bring quality products, comprehensive solutions and outstanding services at the best cost to customers.

For advice, support to answer questions or learn more about security solutions for the apartment, please contact us directly for the best support.


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