Risks of assets, security are threatened, … are problems that many banks are facing. Therefore, tightening banking security plays a very important role in the existence and development of any bank. With more than 10 years of experience, Phuong Viet is proud to bring safe and secure banking solutions to support effective banking supervision and management.

giải pháp an ninh cho ngân hàng

Challenge in security supervision for banks

  • Number of vehicles entering / leaving regularly, how to control and protect personal property for employees / employees, customers, …?
  • Manually timing, updating working hours of each individual / department in the bank has many difficulties. How to improve?
  • Robbery, security threats at banks still exist. So how to best control, prevent remotely risks, fraud that cause financial loss, and assist in tracking down the culprit when the problem occurs?
  • How to control access / access in important areas such as the director’s office, accounting department, warehouse – bank fund, …?
  • The weak wifi system affects transaction quality, reduces employee / employee productivity, and does not meet the needs of customers to find information.

The benefits when applying banking security solutions

  • Ensuring safety for customers and employees: The application of security monitoring solutions at the bank will help management quickly detect problems and provide remedial measures to ensure safety for customers. and staff / employees.
  • Avoid asset loss: Through the camera system, the manager can monitor the bank’s operations, monitor all transactions, promptly detect and correct risks such as theft, fraud. fraud, property loss, …

giải pháp giám sát an ninh cho ngân hàng

  • Collect reliable images for investigation when necessary: ​​When incidents such as theft, terrorism, … CCTV systems can provide relevant information to the authorities to serve investigation.
  • Enhance image and reputation: A fully equipped bank with security solutions will create a professional working environment, helping customers feel secure when making transactions here. At the same time, it helps to improve image, build brand reputation.

Phuong Viet offers optimal security solutions for the bank

With 10 years of experience in the field of providing security surveillance systems, Phuong Viet understands the risks and challenges that banks are facing. From there, we bring security solutions to the bank as follows:

  • Modern vehicle in / out control: Automatic vehicle control system makes it easy to manage multiple in / out vehicles at the same time and saves time. Smart camera helps to accurately record vehicle information, avoid theft and property loss. In particular, the remote control bar works to prevent vehicles entering / leaving the restricted area, not allowed.

giải pháp giám sát an ninh ngân hàng

  • Time attendance combined with independent access / access control: An independent access / access control system integrates with timekeeping function that can recognize faces, fingerprints, magnetic cards, … to help manage and track time. Correct working time of employees helps to limit access / access, keep information and assets confidential.

Chấm công kết hợp thẻ từ ra vào HIKVISION

  • Record all transactions made: Phuong Viet provides the most modern security camera system from Hikvision with the ability to record all the transactions made, helping to identify customers and transactors. , denomination, currency, … From there, the bank can compare or provide evidence to support finding the culprit in case of need.


  • Central controller for protection patrol management: With the central controller, the guard patrol management will be easier and more efficient. The bank management board can monitor all areas such as lobby, entrance, ATM room, transaction counter, office,… to detect and promptly handle problems.


  • Smart lock restrict access / access in special areas: For important areas such as: director room, warehouse – money fund, … Phuong Viet provides a monitoring system to restrict access / access by lock fingerprint biometric door, face recognition or magnetic card. From there, the system helps to minimize the risk of property loss, prevent foreign objects and unrelated people from entering.


  • Stable wifi network increases work efficiency: stable, high-speed wifi connection ensures continuous operation to best serve transactions at the bank, improve working efficiency of employees. such as the need to find information of customers. In particular, the system is also capable of expanding the coverage of wifi without limit to connection points, suitable for large-scale banks.


The application of a security monitoring solution for the bank is essential, which helps to build trust from customers and enhance brand reputation. Phuong Viet is proud to be a security solution provider trusted by many partners and customers in the past 10 years. We are committed to providing high quality and secure banking solutions. If you have any questions or need detailed advice about security surveillance solutions, please contact us through the information below.



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