The factory is not only a crowded site, but also a place with a large amount of valuable assets that need to be protected. Therefore, in addition to strict regulations and professional security staff, the security monitoring system is also a factor that needs to be invested by factories. Understanding that, we provide security solutions for the factory in Phuong Viet to ensure high productivity as well as prevent risks and incidents.

I. Problems encountered

1. Number of vehicles entering / leaving the factory regularly, difficult to manage and control
2. Time-consuming and ineffective process of timekeeping, monitoring of employees’ working time.
3. The situation of theft, robbery, illegal break-in, causing disorder and security, loss of property
4. Difficult to control objects in / out of special areas such as BoD room, machine control room …
5. Weak wifi system affects working capacity at the factory


II. Benefits of security monitoring solutions for factories

  • Effective monitoring and management: Thanks to the CCTV system, the management board can quickly and effectively monitor and inspect all the factory premises. In particular, the manager does not need to be directly patrolled but can be monitored through a central controller.
  • Reducing the risk of property: Through security surveillance camera system, managers can promptly detect incidents such as theft, theft, public damage, unauthorized strangers, … to take out timely remedial measures, minimize the risks of assets and information.
  • Increase operational productivity: With CCTV system from Hikvision, it will help the management board to monitor and monitor the production line and the working process of employees. Thereby training staff to reduce excess activities, increase labor productivity.
  • Safe working environment: Applying security solutions to factories is also a factor that helps employees voluntarily comply with policies and regulations on labor protection, creating a safe and professional working environment.


III. Phuong Viet brings security solutions for smart factories

With a team of good engineers and technical specialists, Phuong Viet commits to bring security solutions to the factory as follows:

  • Smart vehicle in / out control: For the factory gate area, we provide a smart vehicle access / exit control system combined with an automatic opening / closing magnetic shield to help reduce congestion, mess in the parking lot. In particular, modern security cameras help accurately identify vehicle information, entry / exit time, and help reduce asset risk.
  • Intrusion warning in the fence area: With the fence surrounding the factory, Phuong Viet brings a modern surveillance system, with infrared function, night observation to detect and warn of activities. illegal intrusion, minimizing property theft, robbery.
  • Time attendance combined with access control: The timekeeper has the ability to store a large number of fingerprints, magnetic cards or events to help the timekeeping process accurately and simply, helping HR department control. working time of staff / employees. In particular, the time attendance machine is integrated with an access control function to help managers track incoming / out objects, avoiding strangers’ intrusion.
  • Modern surveillance camera system: Modern surveillance camera system from Hikvision with many features such as: clear, true image, audio support, … help management easily monitor and monitor production and working process of staff / employees. Especially, with the central controller, the manager can monitor many departments, many departments at the same time.
  • Special area access / access control: Thanks to smart door lock using biometric technology, face recognition or magnetic card, managers can control access / access in special areas such as: room BoD, accounting department, server room,… Help limit the risks of asset and information loss, avoid being disturbed in certain cases.


Security monitoring is an essential solution for any factory to improve productivity, protect assets, and create a safe working environment. With 10 years of experience in the field of providing security surveillance solutions, Phuong Viet is proud to bring good quality services with the most dedication and professionalism.


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