The fierce competition in the F&B industry requires special attention to security oversight in business units in this field. Foreseeing that need, Phuong Viet brings security solutions to the F& B chain with many outstanding advantages, in order to minimize security risks, improve operational efficiency. business.

I. Difficulty in monitoring industry security F&B

1. The number of cars entering / leaving the market leads to a situation in which it is difficult to manage, track and protect assets for employees, customers.
2. Working time of employees in rotation shifts, not fixed, causing difficulties in the attendance process, keeping track of actual working hours.
3. Cannot monitor, monitor the entire campus, especially when the store is closed. Therefore property loss, fire, … incidents are unavoidable.
4. Monitoring the food processing process, ensuring the safety of each stage is difficult when done by manual monitoring method. 5. Difficulty in controlling and restricting access to / from food processing areas, management rooms, accounting departments, …
6. Unstable wifi system reduces employee productivity, does not satisfy customers’ need of searching information and entertainment.

giải pháp an ninh cho chuỗi F&B

II. Benefits of applying a security solution to the F&B

  • Protect common and private property: Through a security monitoring system, management can monitor the entire store premises , early detection and timely prevention of property vandalism, theft. From there, the system helps to protect store assets as well as those of employees / employees, customers.
  • Effective management and monitoring: Thanks to the central control, the manager does not need to directly access the areas but still monitor , monitoring the entire working process of staff / employees, the operation situation at the store. Thereby, the manager can quickly detect and correct the lack of concentration, ineffective work.
  • Limit problems causing security disorder: Smart surveillance camera system also helps store management to detect early incidents such as: fire, explosion, fights, security threats, … From there, promptly give appropriate handling solutions.
  • Ensuring food safety: The issue of ensuring food safety is the top factor that needs to be business units in the field F&B interested. Now, thanks to the modern security monitoring solution, the shops can safely monitor the whole food processing and production process.
  • Enhance brand image: Besides service quality, creating a safe environment with modern security surveillance system It is also a factor that helps customers feel secure when choosing to use services at the store. From there, the system helps to improve the brand’s reputation and image.


III. Security solution for F & amp; B chain provided by Phuong Viet

Proud to be one of the prestigious units specializing in providing security surveillance systems chosen by many customers, Phuong Viet brings security solution for F&B chain with the following categories:

  • Smart car in / out control: With intelligent vehicle in / out control system incorporating automatic magnetic card barrier, managing multiple vehicles in / out at the same time should be easier and save more time. The security camera system helps to identify the license plate accurately, minimizing the theft, property damage.
  • Timekeeping, tracking accurate working time: Modern timekeeping equipment capable of recording a lot of data, recognizing by face, fingerprint, card from. Thereby helping the HR department to efficiently time and keep track of each employee / department’s working time.
  • Security surveillance camera system: The management board can monitor the whole store at the same time through CCTV system with central controller. The system helps to promptly detect incidents, ineffective employees to make solutions, improve business efficiency.
  • Food processing monitoring: In the kitchen area, we will install Hikvision smart cameras for clear images, helping to monitor the entire processing variable, reduce food poisoning. In particular, stores can show the food processing process to customers to increase reliability, peace of mind when experiencing food at the store.
  • Access control in special areas: For important areas such as management room, accounting department, kitchen area, food processing, … will be Equipped with intelligent access / access control system using facial recognition, fingerprint or magnetic card functions. This is to limit extraneous objects, secure assets and information.
  • Wifi system enhances service quality: Phuong Viet provides stable, high-speed wifi infrastructure, ensures continuous uptime, allows internet access at fast shops, serving maximum demand for information searching and entertainment of customers.


Security monitoring is an essential issue for many professions, especially the F & amp; B chain. With 10 years of experience, Phuong Viet is committed to providing the best security surveillance solutions for the F & amp; B chain. For detailed advice on solutions, please contact us by filling in the information below.


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