Security is one of the indispensable issues for any hotel, helping to detect and prevent risks. With years of experience and good staff, Phuong Viet is committed to providing security solutions to the hotel to minimize incidents, tighten security, and improve hotel image and reputation.

I. Difficulties in hotel security monitoring

1. How to control the amount of vehicles entering / leaving the hotel to protect the property of staff / employees, guests staying?
2. The timekeeping by manual method is time consuming and does not bring high accuracy.
3. How to monitor, monitor the operation of the hotel premises, prevent risks, theft, fire, …
4. Difficult to control objects entering / leaving in areas that need to be restricted such as the director room, accounting department, customer VIP room, …
5. Poor wifi system, slow speed significantly affects the working efficiency of employees as well as customers’ need of searching for information and entertainment.

Giải pháp giám sát an ninh cho khách sạn resort Phương Việt

II. Benefits of security solutions for hotels

  • Minimize unauthorized intrusion: Security camera system is an effective monitoring tool, helping the hotel to control objects in / out, minimizing unauthorized intrusion. Especially special areas such as: director room, technical room, VIP room, …
  • Timely detection of incidents, risks of fire and explosion: Through CCTV system, hotel management can monitor all areas such as hallways, corridors, stairs, … From there, quickly detect and promptly prevent acts and incidents such as theft, fire, explosion, scuffle …
  • Efficient staff management and supervision: With a modern security monitoring system, managers can easily monitor and monitor the operation of departments through the Internet 24/24 without the need must be in person.
  • Improving hotel reputation: The implementation of security solutions for hotels helps customers feel secure when staying, improving brand image and protecting reputation for hotels.

giải pháp giám sát an ninh cho khách sạn

III. Hotel security surveillance system of Phuong Viet

Currently, to solve the difficulties that hotel business units are facing, Phuong Viet provides security solutions for hotels with high security mechanisms in the following categories:

  • Vehicle access / access control system: Security camera accurately identifies vehicle information combined with an automatic magnetic card barrier that opens / closes to help manage the vehicle in / out safely and conveniently, minimizing the risk of theft robbery and loss of property.
  • Modern Time Attendance System: Modern timekeeping machine is capable of storing a large amount of data, incorporating intelligent access / control to help manage employees’ working hours accurately and improve the self-awareness of staff / employees.
  • 24/7 CCTV system: Hikvision’s 24/7 security camera system helps to control the entire hotel campus, quickly detect incidents and alarm when there is theft and intrusion. From there, the management board can promptly propose handling measures.
  • Remote monitoring system: With the central controller, the manager can monitor all business activities of the hotel remotely, helping to limit the situation of employees working individually and ineffectively. In particular, the system can update the hotel situation anytime, anywhere, quickly and accurately.
  • Special area control system: For important areas such as the leadership room, the technical department, the VIP customer room, … Phuong Viet will install smart lock for face recognition, fingerprint or magnetic card with ability to store a large amount of data for in / out control. In order to limit the intrusion of foreign objects and unrelated people.
  • High-speed wifi network: We provide wifi system with stable, high-speed connection, especially capable of expanding the infrastructure network with unlimited connection points. This is to ensure the best service quality, serving the needs of information and entertainment for guests. At the same time, improve work efficiency of employees.

giải pháp giám sát an ninh cho khách sạn

Phuong Viet is committed to providing the latest technology to customers with modern, high-quality surveillance systems and superior features. Please contact us immediately for detailed advice on hotel security monitoring solutions.


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