In recent years, education has become increasingly painful with a series of school violence, exam fraud, … This has seriously affected attach great importance to the quality of teaching, especially the prestige of the school. Understanding the challenges that educational units are facing, Phuong Viet brings high quality, prestigious and professional security solutions to schools. This contributes to better school management, creating a civilized, friendly and effective teaching environment.


Monitoring school security and common challenges

With a crowded environment like school, it’s hard to fully manage without any negligence. The challenges and risks that most schools have to face are:

  • The number of vehicles entering / leaving the school is often, difficult to control and manage, leading to the theft of assets of students, staff / employees.
  • The process of attendance and working time monitoring of teachers, staff / employees face many difficulties.
  • It is not possible to detect all cases of students, students disturbing, fighting, teachers of school violence, tricks in exams, …
  • Having difficulty controlling areas that need restricted access such as principal’s room, meeting room, technical room, …
  • Wifi system at the school is weak and weak, making it difficult for students to find learning materials as well as the quality of teaching by staff.

Benefits when choosing a school security monitoring solution

To solve the above challenge, establishing a security solution for schools is essential. At that time, the school can be assured by:

  • Protection of public and private property: The installation of security solutions for schools can help the school to prevent property loss. In addition, this also helps students, students, staff / employees feel secure to study and work at the school.
  • Timely monitoring and prevention of incidents: Thanks to the strict CCTV monitoring system, the school management board will control all the behaviors of students, staff / employees. In particular, promptly detect and prevent negative incidents such as school violence, fraud in exams and exams.


  • Improve teaching efficiency: Teachers can review their lectures through the video camera. From there, teachers can draw lessons to amend and improve teaching quality in the following periods.
  • Building reputation of the school: In addition, security monitoring solutions also help the school build an image, reputation and help parents feel more secure when choosing where to send their children to school.

Phuong Viet – Provide security surveillance solutions for the best school

Currently, in order to bring security solutions to schools, a series of service providers have been born. One of them is not to mention Phuong Viet, with more than 10 years of experience in the field of providing smart security surveillance solutions, we are proud to bring you the best, quality services. top quality.

  • Controlling the vehicle in / out by magnetic card barrier: Controlling the car in / out by the magnetic card barrier is convenient, helping the vehicles move smoothly, quickly and support efficient charging. The camera helps to correctly and accurately identify vehicle information data, helping to limit the theft and risk of property.


  • Attendance combined with access control: Modern timekeeping equipment with integrated access control makes it easy for the school to accurately monitor the working time of the staff. At the same time, this helps to control who goes in / out of the school.


  • Classroom security cameras: The classroom is equipped with modern Hikvision cameras to help control and prevent students in time: disturbing, fighting, causing disorder in the classroom, … especially the violence at school and the negative in exams.


  • Restricted area access / access control: Smart door lock, fingerprint opening / closing, face recognition, password or magnetic card will help to control objects in / out well. Minimize foreign objects from entering a special area in order to secure information and protect property.


  • Improving teaching quality with modern wifi system: Stable wifi network with high-speed transmission, capable of connecting many devices to expand coverage. This ensures the best results of finding materials for learning and teaching of students, students, staff / employees.


School security supervision is essential to improve the quality of teaching, build trust for parents as well as enhance the reputation and image of the school. Contact Phuong Viet immediately for detailed advice and assistance in installing school security surveillance systems. With a team of good staff and a scientific working process, Phuong Viet is committed to providing customers with top quality and optimal security surveillance solutions.


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